The Eagles Autism Challenge is dedicated to raising funds for innovative research and programs to help unlock the mystery of autism. By providing the necessary resources to doctors and scientists at leading institutions, we will be able to assist those currently affected by autism as well as future generations. Our event aims to inspire and engage the community, so together, we can provide much needed support to make a lasting impact in the field of autism.


Join Philadelphia Eagles players, alumni, coaches, executives, cheerleaders and SWOOP for the Eagles Autism Challenge, a one-day bike ride and family-friendly 5K run/walk.


Autism Spectrum Disorder is a bio-neurological disability that impacts the normal development of the brain. Individuals who have been touched by autism often experience verbal and non-verbal communication challenges, along with difficulties in the areas of social interaction and cognitive function.

Autism is now being identified at a rate of 1 in 68 births – 1 in every 42 boys – making it the largest developmental disorder in the world. While there is no medical detection or cure for autism, its numbers continue to grow at an alarming rate.

Unfortunately, autism has been historically underfunded, under-researched and commonly misunderstood.



It is difficult for a single institution to address the complex medical and scientific issues presented by the condition of autism, so we have created a coalition with our beneficiary partners – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Drexel University and Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health.  This coalition will bring fresh ways of thinking and additional resources to the field of autism research. What we learn here will be shared nationally and globally, so that everyone affected by autism can benefit from our collaborative efforts. We know that with your support we will be advancing autism research together.



The Eagles Autism Challenge is a collaborative effort being led by a team of dedicated professionals from the Philadelphia Eagles, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Drexel University, and Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health.  This multi-faceted team shares one common goal, to work together to provide the necessary resources and support to make a lasting impact on the understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder.



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