Team Spotlight

In our Team Spotlight series, we’re highlighting some of our most experienced fundraisers. Every week a team captain will share their motivation, experience, and advice for participating in the Eagles Autism Challenge.

Week of Tuesday, March 24th

Team Name: Team Jack Ryan
Team Captain: Victor Ykoruk

Who/what is your motivation for participating in the Eagles Autism Challenge? Our 10-year-old twin boys Jack & Ryan are both on the spectrum. Additionally, we have come to know many other kind souls that are in some way affected by this diagnosis, so we do this for them as well.

What does this event mean to you? We are proud that our favorite hometown team cares so deeply about making a difference! Additionally, the EAC is such a fun way to raise both funds & awareness!

What would you tell someone who is deciding whether or not to register for the event? I would say that I know first hand how the funds are allocated among the benefactors and that this race is ultra professional behind the scenes. Additionally, race day is simply amazing, especially crossing the finish line & being able to celebrate on the field where our own Philadelphia Eagles compete. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Do you have any fundraising tips? Use what you got to get what you want. Don’t be afraid to utilize social media to garner some attention to your specific team and this great cause. And never ever forget the compassion that your family & friends will show you…thank them as much as you possibly can!

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